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  • Dasa Devops Fundamentals 24

    DASA DevOps Fundamentals™

    This two-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the core principles of DevOps as defined by DASA. It covers the key concepts, practices, and tools necessary to facilitate collaboration and efficiency between software development and IT operations teams.

  • Dasa Devops Professional Enable Scale 24

    DASA DevOps Professional – Enable and Scale™

    This two-day course equips participants with the skills and knowledge to lead DevOps teams effectively, focusing on practical understanding and application in real-world scenarios. Attendees will learn how to foster a collaborative environment, encourage innovation, and drive the team towards optimal performance.

  • Dasa Devops Coach 24

    DASA DevOps Coach™

    This three-day course is for individuals aspiring to guide teams and organizations through the complexities of DevOps transformations. It focuses on the role of the DevOps Coach as a pivotal figure in applying DevOps concepts and principles, overseeing the transformation process, and nurturing high-performing teams.

  • Dasa Devops Professional Specify Verify 24

    DASA DevOps Professional – Specify and Verify™

    This two-day course is tailored for professionals aiming to master the integration of customer requirements into IT products or services, ensuring these needs are accurately understood and met by the team.

  • Dasa Portfolio Management 24

    DASA Portfolio Management

    This two-day course is designed for portfolio managers and transformation leaders looking to enhance their ability to align their portfolio process, instruments, and practices to enable a high-performance organization and align their portfolio strategies to their organization’s goals and strategies.ortfolio

  • Dasa Product Management

    DASA Product Management

    This two-day course offers a strategic approach to product management, aimed at equipping participants with the skills necessary for leading strategic alignment of product vision with business goals, market analysis, and lifecycle management, fostering a product-centric mindset.

  • Dasa Devops Product Owner

    DASA DevOps Product Owner™

    This two-day course is specifically designed for individuals in the pivotal role of Product Owner within a DevOps environment, focusing on managing the complete product lifecycle to help realize maximum business value, engage with stakeholders, and deal with future requirements as well as operational challenges.

  • Dasa Devops Leader 24

    DASA DevOps Leader™

    This four-week course is designed for those taking on the role of DevOps Leader, tasked with spearheading DevOps initiatives, crafting frameworks for scalability, and driving maximum business value. The program helps understand leadership in the context of DevOps, discusses leadership development models, building teams, and transforming the organization.

  • Certification Macro Badges Platform Engineering

    DASA Platform Engineering

    This two-day course ensures all stakeholders become champions of Platform Engineering, clearly articulating its value. It enables teams to align the platform vision with organizational goals, treat the platform as a product, design an optimal developer experience, and maintain customer-centricity.

  • Certification Macro Badges Experience Management For Hpdo

    DASA Experience Management for High Performance Digital Organizations

    This two-day course aims to equip software development teams to enhance user satisfaction, improve stakeholder engagement, gain a competitive edge, and propel organizational success.