Become a High-Performance Digital Organization

Facilitate your journey towards flow, business agility,
and value maximization.

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Transform into a Digital Winner

Each transformation journey is unique, but most follow a similar path. DASA offers the portfolio to navigate this journey, ensuring a personalized yet organized approach tailored to your enterprise’s specific requirements.

Pieter De Beijer

Every organization can benefit from the DevOps concepts, the DevOps culture, and the DevOps way of working.

— Pieter de Beijer, Capgemini

Enhance Flow, Agility, and Value

Prioritize customer-focused innovation, and foster a culture of agility and teamwork.

Gabriel Casarini

Collaborating with DASA gives us the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

— Gabriel Casarini, Netmind

Accelerate Your Journey

DASA emphasizes six key principles crucial for effective adoption and transition to a DevOps-centric approach, underscoring the importance of experiences, ideas, and cultural shifts in becoming a high-performance digital organization.

Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever, and we need to find ways to accelerate the ways we learn to deal with it.

— Yoram Meijer, Cegeka


The Portfolio to Drive Your Transformation

An extensive body of knowledge and range of talent and guidance products to boost enterprise transformation success.

Talent Products

DASA talent products focus on enhancing individual and team capabilities in organizations, preparing them for high-performance environments that boost enterprise agility, customer centricity, and innovation.

Guidance Products

DASA guidance products are tailored to provide comprehensive insight, assistance, and provide direction to organizations in navigating the complexities of enterprise-wide digital transformations.


DASA communities offer a collaborative space for leaders and professionals to share ideas, learn together, and rapidly adopt best practices in their field, leveraging the collective knowledge of all members.

Body of Knowledge

Featured Insights and Perspectives

DASA has developed a flexible approach to membership to suit the size and requirements of each member organization.