DASA Portfolio Management Value Box

The DASA Portfolio Management Value Box provides clear, practical guidance for mastering portfolio management. It is designed to fit any methodology to help you identify, design, implement, measure, and improve the key enabling practices and capabilities to enhance portfolio management.

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The DASA Portfolio Management Value Box is exclusively available to enterprise members and transformation partners. Consult an expert to learn how you can access this and additional research, insights, tools, and guidance.

Optimal Results

Value Box: Your Transformation Enabler

Enablement to help mature the capability of Portfolio Management.

The Value Box is designed as an implementation accelerator

Enables value delivery

Reduces risk of failures in transformation initiatives by offering quick-start across various phases/dimensions, and based on practical, ready to use assets including well tested templates

Consists of several components and artifacts that are huge transformation enablers and accelerators

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The Value Box Experience

Unlocking transformation through:

  • Providing solutions for common pitfalls in portfolio management relevant to the organization
  • Providing insight into the maturity of the portfolio management capability of your organization
  • Designing the success of the portfolio management capability
  • Helping improve the maturity of the portfolio management capability of your organization
  • Strengthening the portfolio board through developing and reinforcing desired behavior

Value Box Contents

Portfolio Management Capability Framework Paper
  • Objective: Create a common language for managing portfolios and provide a holistic perspective on required capabilities.
  • Providing thought leadership on gaining a competitive edge leveraging portfolio management capabilities in a digital age.
  • An independent, methodology agnostic framework that defines key benefits in adopting DASA Portfolio Management.
  • The framework, exclusive to DASA, provides detailed concepts that are key to enterprise wide portfolio management success.
  • The Portfolio Management Framework Paper provides an overview of common pitfalls in Portfolio Management and how to avoid these.

Portfolio Management Capability Assessment
  • Objective: Provide in depth actionable insight into the maturity of the portfolio management capability.
  • Key guidance on how to execute a Portfolio Management Capability Review.
  • Comprehensive set of assessment questions based on DASA Portfolio Management Framework.
  • Insight into the maturity of your portfolio management capability.
  • Template DASA Portfolio Management Capability Review Report.

Portfolio Leadership Workshop
  • Objective: Ensure that enterprise leaders understand their role in sponsoring, mandating & adopting portfolio management.
  • Create shared understanding and common language on key portfolio management concepts.
  • Walk-through of the portfolio management capability roadmap (based on the maturity assessment).
  • Motivate leaders to empower portfolio governance.
  • Inspire leaders to play a pivotal role in the portfolio management success.
  • Commitment on showing example behavior.

Co-creating the Portfolio Capability Roadmap Workshop
  • Objective: Design a roadmap to improve the maturity of the portfolio management capability of your organization.
  • Reconfirm the maturity of the portfolio management capability.
  • Define impact of assessment findings and recommendations.
  • Agree and prioritizing main objectives for improvement.
  • Allocate ownership of the agreed main objectives.
  • Present prioritized objectives, key results and initiatives.
  • Introduce key results and roadmap.
  • Ensure agreement on key results and roadmap.

Portfolio Board Behavior Workshop
  • Objective: Strengthen the portfolio board through developing and reinforcing desired behavior.
  • Create common understanding of Portfolio Governance.
  • Understand the key responsibilities of the portfolio board.
  • Introduce and prioritize desirable portfolio board behaviors.
  • Create a Code of Conduct for the Portfolio Board.
  • Introduce practices & strategies to embed the Code of Conduct in Portfolio Governance to reinforce desired behaviors.

“The value box offers templates, workshops, assessments, and resources that, when paired with the DASA certification program, become invaluable tools for effective implementation.”

Falko Werner

Falko Werner


Transforming Challenges

Expected Business Results from DASA Portfolio Management

Our comprehensive Value Box turns obstacles into strategic opportunities, enabling your organization to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Greater Strategic Alignment

Ensure all projects align with strategic goals while fostering strong stakeholder relationships.

Enhanced Decision Making

Enable informed decisions with comprehensive visibility into portfolio performance and priorities.

Improved ROI

Maximize returns by focusing on high-value projects and efficient resource allocation.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Efficiently allocate resources to the most impactful projects, reducing waste and redundancy.

Improved Risk Management

Maximize returns by focusing on high-value projects and efficient resource allocation.

Improved Risk Management

Identify and mitigate risks across the portfolio to enhance overall stability.

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DASA Portfolio Management Product Suite

DASA has developed a flexible approach to membership to suit the size and requirements of each member organization.