DASA Platform Engineering

This two-day course ensures all stakeholders become champions of Platform Engineering, clearly articulating its value. It enables teams to align the platform vision with organizational goals, treat the platform as a product, design an optimal developer experience, and maintain customer-centricity. By focusing on reliable, scalable, and efficient systems, teams contribute to organizational success. Participants will also learn to think beyond-the-build, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.

Certification Options

Certification Macro Badges Platform Engineering

Where Will DASA Platform
Engineering Take You?

Platform Engineers
Software Developers
Platform Architects
Product Owners
Product Leaders

How to Get Certified

Choose the approach to certification that makes sense for you. Study directly through DASA via e-learning, in classroom settings at our training providers, or through tailored team training with our transformation partners.

Certification Macro Badges Platform Engineering

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the importance and requirements of Platform Engineering.
  • Examine the relationship between DevOps and Platform Engineering.
  • Align the Platform Engineering strategies with business vision and goals.
  • Leverage your platform to promote and accelerate cultural shifts to ensure successful evolution of your DevOps transformation of platform engineering
    in your organization.
  • Treat platform as a product.
  • Develop a strategy for building the right developer experience.
  • Create a strategy to use Infrastructure as code (IaC) in Platform Engineering.
  • Illustrate how CI/CD is simplified with Platform Engineering.
  • Explain the role of containerization in context of Platform Engineering.
  • Comprehend best practices for monitoring, alerting, and incident response.
  • Devise a plan for platform beyond the build.

Certification Details

Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, and DevOps framework is beneficial.


Talent Development

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Platform Engineers
  • Software developers
  • Platform Architects
  • Product Owners
  • Product Leaders

Course Curriculum
  1. Deciphering Platform Engineering
  2. Relationship between DevOps and Platform Engineering
  3. Stakeholder Management in Platform Engineering
  4. Accelerating Platform Engineering with DevOps Culture
  5. Platform as Product
  6. Building Developer Experience
  7. Infrastructure as Code in Platform Engineering
  8. CI/CD in Platform Engineering
  9. Role of Containerization in Platform Engineering
  10. Monitoring, Logging, and Incident Response
  11. Platform Engineering beyond Design & Development

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Certification and Duration
CertificateDASA Platform Engineering
Duration in hours16 hours

Exam Details

DASA delivers the Platform Engineering exams. The participants and training organizations can attain the vouchers for the exam through DASA.

DeliveryOnline Proctored
Duration80 minutes
Questions40 Questions
Pass Grade65%
Please note that if an exam voucher is included, you are able to schedule your exam for up to twelve months.

Scheduling Your Exam

Generally, your training partner will book the certification exam for you. If you have chosen an online self-study certification option you will be able to use the voucher provided with the training material.

Mock Exam

Certification courses include a mock exam. You can download the mock exam from your learning profile.

Accessing Your Certificate

All certificates and badges are issues through Accredible. You will receive an email with your download link in the days following your exam.

Expected Business Results from DASA Platform Engineering

DASA Platform Engineering brings pivotal benefits to your organization, empowering stakeholders to become champions of platform engineering and effectively communicate its value.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes and workflows, reducing downtime and boosting overall performance.

Increased Productivity

Empower teams to achieve more with optimized tools and automated tasks.

Scalability and

Easily adapt to changing demands with a robust and adaptable platform architecture.

Enhanced Reliability and Stability

Ensure consistent, dependable performance with fewer disruptions and failures.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Foster a culture of innovation, staying ahead of competitors with cutting-edge solutions.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate the development and deployment of new features and products.

Better Resource Utilization

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce and technology assets.

Increased Security & Compliance

Strengthen security measures and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Increased Developer Satisfaction

Enhance the developer experience, leading to higher morale and retention rates.

Dasa Platform Engineering Product Suite
DASA Platform Engineering Product Suite

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