DASA Product Management

This two-day course offers a strategic approach to product management, aimed at equipping participants with the skills necessary for leading strategic alignment of product vision with business goals, market analysis, and lifecycle management, fostering a product-centric mindset.

“This course is for everyone working with people, and wants to learn how and when to use these competencies.”

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Dasa Product Management

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Product Engineer
Transformation Leader
Portfolio Manager
Product Owner/Manager
Business & Data Analyst
UX/UI Specialist
Customer Journey Specialist
Scrum / Flow Master
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Dasa Product Management

Learning Objectives

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Develop a true product centric mindset.
  • Align product vision with the vision of the organization, portfolio, and the transformation.
  • Help shape the transformation by introducing and leveraging product management capabilities to move from project to product. 
  • Discover and envisage products that are customer-centric and user-experience driven.
  • Drive a continuously evolving customer-driven and product-centric enterprise.
  • Handle problems or opportunities in current or new products.

Certification Details

Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, and DevOps framework is beneficial.


DASA Product Management is a strategic program designed to equip learners with advanced strategies for leading product development and innovation. The certification covers strategic alignment of product vision with business goals, market analysis, and lifecycle management, fostering a product-centric mindset.


The DASA Product Management certification is aimed at:

  • Product Manager (Contributors)
  • Product Owner (Contributors)
  • Agile or DevOps Coach (Stakeholders)
  • Transformation Lead (Stakeholders)
  • Scrum Master (Stakeholders)
  • UX/designer (Stakeholders)
  • Lead tech (Stakeholders)
  • Business Owner (Stakeholders)
  • Business Analyst (Stakeholders)

Course Curriculum
  1. Discerning Product Management
  2. Product Management Framework & Methodologies
  3. Product Life Cycle Management
  4. Product Value Management
  5. Building a Product Strategy
  6. Product Planning & Delivery
  7. Managing Customer Experience
  8. Product Operations
  9. Capabilities Required in Product Management
  10. Sketching Product Management on your agenda

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Certification and Duration
CertificateDASA Product Management
Duration in hours16 hours

Exam Details
FormatClosed-book format
Duration40 minutes, 20-minute additional time for non-native candidates
Questions20 application based multiple-choice
Pass Grade65%
Please note that if an exam voucher is included, you are able to schedule your exam for up to twelve months.

Scheduling Your Exam

Generally, your training partner will book the certification exam for you. If you have chosen an online self-study certification option you will be able to use the voucher provided with the training material.

Mock Exam

Certification courses include a mock exam. You can download the mock exam from your learning profile.

Accessing Your Certificate

All certificates and badges are issues through Accredible. You will receive an email with your download link in the days following your exam.

DASA Product Management Framework

How Does the Certification Fit into the Product Management Framework?

The program covers the product life cycle & value management as well as the product operations. This helps build the core product management capabilities.

This also ensures that the learning derived builds product centric thinking and is applicable.

Better Together

Product Management Suite

Combine the Certification Program with the Value Box to access a unique and complete proposition to build talent, and execute product management practices.

Product Management Suit

“If you are part of the transformation program, this is a must-have training!”

Christine Aykac

Vice President of L&D at Acuna


Further Reading

DASA has developed a flexible approach to membership to suit the size and requirements of each member organization.