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How Effective is Your Agile or DevOps Team?

Answer 21 questions, and we’ll send you a personalised report with feedback tailored to your specific needs.

This Scorecard has been designed to show Agile and DevOps teams their blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve.

The entire process is swift and straightforward, requiring just 5 minutes of your time.

The scan is offered at no cost whatsoever, ensuring accessibility for everyone interested.

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Forge Your Future

Assess, Analyze, Advance

Upon completing our DevOps Team Quickscan, you will be presented with a detailed snapshot of your team’s current standing in seven key DevOps areas.

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Provides a deep understanding of current capabilities and maturity in key DevOps domains.



Identifies precise areas for development and improvement.



Facilitates strategic alignment of efforts with overarching DevOps objectives.

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Targeted Growth

Strategic Insights for Immediate Impact

Upon completion of the DevOps Team Quickscan, you will receive insights across seven critical areas: Organizational Readiness, Purpose & Goal, Individual Mindset, Team Culture, Common Vocabulary, Functional Skills, and Technology Landscape. This concise feedback pinpoints areas for improvement, enabling your team to strategically enhance its DevOps practices. It’s a roadmap for refining your approach, ensuring every aspect from mindset to technology aligns with your DevOps objectives.

From Current State Analysis to Actionable Strategies

DevOps Team Quickscan Report

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Upon completion of the DevOps Team Quickscan, you get access to your personalized report, tailored to showcase the current state of your DevOps practices.


Actionable Recommendations

Provides clear, tailored advice for advancing DevOps practices, supporting continuous improvement.



Offers a baseline comparison with DevOps best practices, essential for goal setting and progress tracking.


Targeted Insights

Pinpoints specific strengths and improvement areas, guiding focused enhancement efforts.

“The DASA DevOps Team Scan is a light-to-use tool that will point out crucial areas to be evolved in a few minutes. Its strength lies in the fact that most of the key areas are focused on attitude, behaviour and team culture, rather than on a ‘Tech Pipeline’.”

Marian Draganov

Marian Draganov

Agile Consultant & Trainer at T-Systems