DASA Experience Management for High Performance Digital Organizations Value Box

The DASA Experience Management for High Performance Digital Organizations Value Box enables digital product teams to establish a holistic approach to experience management by using the right mindset, skillset, and toolset.

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The DASA Experience Management for High Performance Digital Organizations Value Box is exclusively available to enterprise members and transformation partners. Consult an expert to learn how you can access this and additional research, insights, tools, and guidance.

Optimal Results

Value Box: Your Transformation Enabler

Set up an Experience Management Office (XMO) with the right mindset, skillset, and toolset.

The Value Box is designed as an implementation accelerator

Enables value delivery

Reduces risk of failures in transformation initiatives by offering quick-start across various phases/dimensions, and based on practical, ready to use assets including well tested templates

Consists of several components and artifacts that are huge transformation enablers and accelerators

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The Value Box Experience

Unlocking transformation through:

  • Creating an essential level of empathy for the users of the product.
  • Creating insights into the current state of experience management and providing practical instruments.
  • Creating a holistic approach to implement experience management.

Value Box Contents

Experience Management Assessment
  • The Experience Management Assessment is an essential diagnostic tool for evaluating an organization’s current capabilities and readiness to adopt and execute experience management.
    • Developed by industry experts.
    • Pinpoints areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.
    • Enables roadmap creation.
    • Guideline for user experiences

Drama Day/Perfect Day Facilitated Simulation
  • This facilitated simulation is designed to help an organization anticipate and navigate the complexities when launching a new product. It prepares you for unexpected user behavior.
    • Imagine a drama day.
    • Imagine a perfect day.
  • Insights help create an implementation plan that meet user expectations.

OTOBOX Playbook
  • The OTOBOX playbook introduces a transformational approach that goes beyond timelines and budgets to ensure user needs and expectations are met.
  • Ensure success by ticking all three boxes: On Time (OT), On Budget (OB), and On Experience (OX).
  • This comprehensive guide provides real-world examples and solutions so you can make changes with empathy and effectiveness.

XMO Guidance Paper
  • The XMO Guidance Paper is a comprehensive resource designed to equip organizations with the tools necessary to effectively implement and measure experience management initiatives.
    • Mindset shift to design the right experience.
    • Comprehensive Matrices.
    • Tools for documenting user emotions and user journeys. 
    • Templates for creating and personalizing personas.
    • Guidelines for establishing governance structures.

Experience Behavior Workshop
  • The Experience Behavior Workshop is an immersive and interactive session designed to define and cultivate behaviors that align the user experience with user needs.
    • Adopt the viewpoint of users.
    • Identify the key roles.
    • Define the required behaviors.
    • Assign ownership for each behavior.
    • Monitor and reinforce positive behaviors.

Key Proudness Indicator Workshop
  • The Key Proudness Indicator (KPI) Workshop is a dynamic mental exercise designed to help teams define lean and meaningful metrics that foster collaboration and drive desired outcomes for your business, employees, customers, or supply chain. This workshop shifts the focus from traditional performance metrics to those that generate intrinsic motivation, cultivating a sense of pride and unity among team members.
Dasa Experience Management For High Performance Digital Organizations Product Suite
DASA Experience Management for High Performance Digital Organizations Product Suite

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