DASA Product Management Value Box

The DASA Product Management Value Box offers clear, practical advice for mastering product management, moving beyond Agile. It’s designed to fit any methodology, showing you how to manage products effectively in any setting.

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The DASA Product Management Value Box is exclusively available to enterprise members and transformation partners. Consult an expert to learn how you can access this and additional research, insights, tools, and guidance.

Organizational Impact

Templates and Workshops to Go From Concept to Customer

The Value Box is designed to empower organizations with the essential elements necessary for driving value delivery and providing clear direction, planning, and execution for product development.

Optimized Resource Allocation for Maximum Efficiency

Effectively addresses key challenges by enhancing efficiency, ensuring product quality, boosting customer satisfaction, and reducing costs.

Management of Complexity and Volatility

Simplify complexity and mitigate volatility in delivery chains, fostering resilience and adaptability in fast-paced environments.

Focus on Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Drive innovation and continuous improvement, leveraging Agile and DevOps to embed a culture of creativity and evolution in product development.

Greater Emphasis on Customer Value

Prioritization of customer value, utilizing customer feedback and Agile practices to ensure products meet and exceed user expectations.

Improved Flow in End-to-End Value Delivery

Enhanced flow in end-to-end value delivery, streamlining processes with DevOps to ensure seamless, efficient, and effective product lifecycles.

Streamlined Stakeholder Communication

Effective communication with cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and customers, to ensure transparency, collaboration, and alignment on project goals and expectations.

The Value Box Experience

Unlocking transformation through:

  • The value box facilitates the delivery of value through its comprehensive contents.
  • It comprises guidance products that serve as key transformation enablers for organizations.
  • Designed to be MECE, the value box ensures coverage is both Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive, leaving no gaps in guidance.
  • The value box will be available for licensing for a period of one year, offering extended value over time.
  • Delivery of the value box content is conducted by a DASA-accredited facilitator, ensuring expertise and quality.
  • Professionals can attend Value Box Train-the-Trainer sessions (TTFs) to earn their DASA accreditation, furthering their expertise.
  • The value box is easily accessible via the DASA Hub, ensuring convenience and user-friendly experience for all clients.

Value Box Contents

Product Management Capability Assessment
  • A self assessment to determine maturity on the main capabilities of product management at individual, team and organizational level.
  • Gives product managers insights in their maturity and areas of improvement
  • Assessment is based on main capabilities, where other offerings usually focus on individual product management competences.
  • All capabilities are part of the certification program. 
  • The value box also contains related content.

Product Discovery Workshop
  • Product discovery involves understanding the customer’s needs, exploring potential solutions, and validating those solutions before committing significant resources to development.
  • A lot of product managers are unfamiliar with product discovery
  • This workshop explains product discovery and the common methodologies to help product managers and their teams to go through the entire process of discovery

Product Vision Workshop
  • A good product vision is a guiding force for product development teams. A product vision serves as a clear and inspiring statement of the future state or desired outcome that the product aims to achieve.
  • Many product managers struggle with defining a good product vision, leading to a lack of direction and stakeholder alignment.
  • This workshop will help product managers to (re)define their product vision, using a step-by-step approach

Value, Impact & Experience for Product Management Guidance Paper
  • Understanding and delivering value, impact & experience are fundamental to effective Product Management. 
  • This paper provides applicable guidance, instruments and practices to actually start applying it at your workplace by incorporating other components of Value Box like – the workshop.
  • It will put the available methodologies and techniques in the right (Product Management) context for direct applicability.
  • The paper will cover different perspectives on value and its main components, how to apply the available   CX, UX or (D)EX instruments, how to define, measure and track value, and embed it in the organization   from strategy to execution.

Product Management Toolkit
  • Contains relevant and easy-to-use tools & templates for product management, enabling successful application of the key elements from DASA’s Product Management framework, including product strategy, discovery, design, creation, delivery, operations and life cycle management.
  • With the help of DASA Product Management Template Toolkit product managers will be able to structure, execute and accelerate their product management ways of working.
  • Many experts in the industry are providing templates and canvasses but none of them are as extensive enough to support the entirety of the product management capability.
  • Examples include Product Vision Canvas, Product Roadmap template, Customer Journey Map, Product Dashboard.

Transformation Article

Product Mindset as an Imperative

Why it is worth building an exceptional Product Management capability in your organization.

Dasa Product Management Product Suite
DASA Experience Management for High Performance Digital Organizations Product Suite

Accelerate Implementation and Reduce Risk with the Value Box

  • Practical guidance on the essence of Product Management, beyond the buzzwords, directly applicable.
  • Methodology-inclusive and -agnostic. Creating the right context for Product Management, not only linked to agile methodologies.
  • Focus on the capability (Product Management) instead of the role (Product Owner).
  • Holistic system view on Product Management, including relations with service, portfolio and project management.
  • Real product-centric thinking by focusing on elements such as product definition, product lifecycle, product operations, and product marketing.
  • Applicable set of transformation enablers.

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“By focusing on elements such as product definition, product lifecycle, product operation, and product marketing, DASA Product Management serves as a transformation enabler, delivering substantial organizational change.”


Pierre-Olivier Portmann

General Manager at Service Management Consulting

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