DASA Platform Engineering Value Box

The DASA Platform Engineering Value Box includes guidance to help you identify, design, implement, measure and improve the key enabling practices and capabilities to create platform teams, and to de-risk, optimize, and get maximum value from your platform engineering investments. 

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The DASA Platform Engineering Value Box is exclusively available to enterprise members and transformation partners. Consult an expert to learn how you can access this and additional research, insights, tools, and guidance.

Optimal Results

Value Box: Your Transformation Enabler

Enablement to de-risk, optimize, and get maximum value from your Platform Engineering initiative.

The Value Box is designed as an implementation accelerator

Enables value delivery

Reduces risk of failures in transformation initiatives by offering quick-start across various phases/dimensions, and based on practical, ready to use assets including well tested templates

Consists of several components and artifacts that are huge transformation enablers and accelerators

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The Value Box Experience

Unlocking transformation through:

  • Simplifying your development processes by reducing diversity and complexity, leading to smoother project flows and increased efficiency.
  • Enhancing agility, collaboration, and customer-centricity, boost your team’s flexibility and response times while fostering better collaboration and a stronger focus on customer needs.
  • Understanding the essential knowledge and tools necessary for enabling effective implementation of platform engineering.
  • Overcoming cultural resistance within the organization by addressing and mitigating barriers to change, paving the way for innovation and transformation.

Value Box Contents

Discovery Toolkit

Facilitate the process of discovery while addressing the crucial cultural shifts necessary for the success of Platform Engineering. This toolkit helps streamline collaboration between platform and application teams with the Tech Stack Inventory Template and assess DevOps maturity and identify key champions with the Culture Discovery Questionnaire.

Readiness and Maturity Assessment

Utilize the insights gathered from the discovery tools to evaluate the maturity and readiness levels of different teams for Platform Engineering adoption. This assessment covers various aspects including Technical, Cultural, Organizational, Process, and Skill readiness, to identify which teams will participate in each adoption cycle effectively.

Decision Tree

A structured approach to determine an organization’s readiness for Platform Engineering. Guide stakeholders through evaluating upfront investment, assessing readiness across various dimensions, selecting appropriate technology, establishing governance frameworks, planning cultural shifts, and defining iterative steps.

Leadership Workshop

Focuses on the strategic role of leaders in Platform Engineering, guiding to align business and platform visions, garner support, and drive continuous improvement. It emphasizes securing backing from the C-suite, navigating investment decisions, and fostering a supportive environment for successful implementation.

Setting the Metrics to get the RoI Insights: A Guidance Paper

Set metrics for success measurement and calculate Return on Investment (ROI).This paper assists you in defining critical success factors, gathering pre-implementation data, and establishing baselines, by outlines a roadmap for success over 3-6 months, including tracking, monitoring, and conducting regular reviews to ensure your initiative’s success.

Expected Business Results from DASA Platform Engineering

DASA Platform Engineering brings pivotal benefits to your organization, empowering stakeholders to become champions of platform engineering and effectively communicate its value.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes and workflows, reducing downtime and boosting overall performance.

Increased Productivity

Empower teams to achieve more with optimized tools and automated tasks.

Scalability and

Easily adapt to changing demands with a robust and adaptable platform architecture.

Enhanced Reliability and Stability

Ensure consistent, dependable performance with fewer disruptions and failures.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Foster a culture of innovation, staying ahead of competitors with cutting-edge solutions.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate the development and deployment of new features and products.

Better Resource Utilization

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce and technology assets.

Increased Security & Compliance

Strengthen security measures and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

Increased Developer Satisfaction

Enhance the developer experience, leading to higher morale and retention rates.

Dasa Platform Engineering Product Suite
DASA Platform Engineering Product Suite

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