Talent Products for Every Phase of the Transformation Journey

IT professionals will be required to grow towards more generalized roles with T-shaped profiles as DevOps teams develop and require autonomous teams to work independently.

DASA has identified three broad areas of expertise and has developed a certification program designed for each profile. These programs assess the practical skills and experience of professionals who align closely with these profiles.

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Talent products are available to members. Consult an expert to learn how you can access these and additional research, insights, tools, and guidance products.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Enabling Transformation to High Performance to Digital Organisations

DASA talent products aim to skill, upskill, and reskill people and make them ready for each phase of their transformation journey.

Certification Programs

Certification programs offer intensive training in Agile and DevOps, leading to industry-recognized certifications. Ideal for professionals aiming to validate and enhance their expertise in a dynamic industry.

Role-Based Journeys

Role-based journeys deliver tailored learning paths for specific Agile and DevOps roles. Each journey is a curated sequence of modules designed to equip professionals with role-relevant skills and knowledge.

“DASA instilled in me just how critical it is to have the correct culture in place at the start of the transformation.”

John Ruppel

The Catalyst Group

DASA has developed a flexible approach to membership to suit the size and requirements of each member organization.