Guidance Products for Every Phase of the Transformation Journey.

DASA guidance products offer detailed strategic models that are essential for successful digital transformation. These tools are tailored to assist organizations in navigating the complexities of adopting new methodologies.

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Guidance products are exclusively available to enterprise members and transformation partners. Consult an expert to learn how you can access these and additional research, insights, tools, and talent products.

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Designed to enhance every aspect of your organisation’s digital journey.

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DevOps Competency Framework

The DevOps Competency Framework defines the competencies needed within all key DevOps roles.

Team Competence

The essential skills required in every DevOps team encompassing 4 skill areas and 8 knowledge areas.

Digital Readiness

An assessment to evaluate the current state of the organizational digital readiness along seven critical dimensions.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Strategic Enablers for Digital Transformation

Drive your transformation with tried and tested, actionable guidance products.

Guidance Papers

Guidance Papers are strategic documents outlining the desired states after adopting Agile and DevOps. They act as blueprints, aligning stakeholders and guiding efforts towards a unified goal.


Workshops offer interactive, expert-led sessions that impart practical Agile and DevOps skills. These hands-on experiences are crucial for teams and individuals to apply methodologies effectively.


Playbooks provide detailed insights and strategies for Agile and DevOps implementation. They cover challenges, tried and tested practices and offer actionable implementation strategies.


Frameworks offer structured, step-by-step approaches to Agile and DevOps adoption, tailored to each organization’s unique needs. They encompass everything from initial assessment to full-scale implementation.

Current State Assessments

Current State Assessments evaluate organizations’ existing processes and capabilities in Agile and DevOps. They identify strengths and improvement areas, serving as foundational tools for transformation planning.

Accessible via DASA Hub

With DASA Hub, accessing DASA’s suite of products becomes a streamlined experience, ensuring that users have the tools and support they need to drive their Agile and DevOps transformations successfully.

“There’s a larger awareness now within our management and the leadership that we can add substantial value to the whole organization with this way of working.”

Jan Van Den Brink

Jan van den Brink

Cegeka Consulting

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