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From Business Strategy to Real-World Value

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Imagine you’re the mastermind behind a trendy new apartment complex, where every detail matters. You’re juggling cool design elements like rooftop gardens, sleek modern kitchens, and high-tech security systems. Now, add Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mix, with smart home features that adjust lighting and temperature based on residents’ preferences, or an AI concierge that helps with daily tasks. It’s like a giant puzzle where every piece needs to click perfectly into place. Now, think of businesses as architects of their own complex world. They use an arsenal of tools and methods, like Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, DevSecOps, ITIL, graphing tools, AI, and Business Value Management, to ensure all the moving parts of their operations sync up seamlessly.

Business Value Management is a critical component in this mix. It’s like ensuring your apartment complex isn’t just stylish but also offers top-notch amenities and services that provide real value to the residents. Similarly, businesses use Business Value Management to align their operations and projects with their overall goals, making sure that every effort contributes to their success and adds value to their customers.

When you’re crafting your apartment complex, you’re aiming for more than just a place to live; you want it to be a lifestyle statement. Businesses have a similar goal. They want their operations to run smoothly, but they also strive for excellence, making sure every process adds value and stands out in the market.

To nail this, businesses focus on something called value stream and value management maturity. It’s a framework that guides them in organizing and improving their processes to yield the best outcomes, with Business Value Management playing a key role in ensuring that these efforts are aligned with the company’s objectives.

However, blending all these elements into a cohesive masterpiece can be tricky. That’s where DASA training comes into play. It’s like having a seasoned mentor guiding you through the complexities of building your dream complex, ensuring that every feature works in harmony.

Building an apartment complex or running a business can feel like a high-stakes game of Tetris, where every block needs to fit just right. But with creativity, a solid strategy, and a bit of guidance, the end result can be both impressive and rewarding. And with AI and Business Value Management in the mix, both your apartment complex and business operations can reach new heights of innovation, efficiency, and value.


DASA has developed a flexible approach to membership that suits the size and requirements of each member organisation. All options are designed to address challenges, foster agility, and help in delivering business value more quickly.

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