Suffering From Development Work

Suffering from Development Work, Why Won’t it Fly?

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Developing and Delivering a Service needs feedback! USE DEVOPS!

The advice to “Use DevOps” might still be confusing for many people. It is like saying, “Use a bike,” to someone who doesn’t know how to ride one and suggesting they do so without guidance. Hence, we worked with a group of eight people and compiled real-life experiences in the form of stories.

The guide focuses on helping and supporting members, professionals, and organizations from different industries of varying sizes and cultures during their digital transformation journeys.

The guide also highlights a variety of models, methodologies, frameworks, and practices that have enabled organizations to support their initiatives in agile and innovative cultures powered by technology and continuous improvement. We present the guide to you in the form of “Solutions” within the guide to express the complexity that all agile, DevOps and transformational journeys represent.

How did we start?

We are from many diverse places, including the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, and Poland. Consequently, our experiences differ. We started this study in the summer of 2021 with bi-weekly online meetings.

We did a few brainstorming sessions and used a digital board ( to share our thoughts. We started with Trello and Slack.

We used the structure from the workgroup that made the digital readiness assessment to ensure we were in alignment.

What will you find in the Xperiential Guide?

  • Culture: What to do when your culture is not supportive
    Experience of a pathological organization
  • Leadership: Make sure you guide them in the right direction
    Case: When dream & day unite
  • Leadership: Make sure you guide them in the right direction
    Case: The realm of influence
  • Flow (Process): How to demystify processes and understand value streams
    Case: When not all tickets are the same
  • Culture: What to do when your culture is not supportive
    Case: The fear of failing
  • Strategy & Governance: From Conventional Risk Management towards Antifragility
    Case: Clinging to Risk Management
  • Strategy & Governance: Why are they so hard to recognize in organizations?
    Case: The Speedboat
  • People: If you do not listen, guide, and train, people create their own strategy
    Case: T-Shape and Second Pillar Approach
  • Tools & Technology: Why should these follow your processes?
    Case: Automate Everything You Can When You Are Ready

The Xperiential Guide has three key points:

  1. If you have no time to learn, accept that you will fall off your bike a lot. 
  2. While learning how to ride a bike or read experiences and solutions, you are still dependent on the behaviour of others. 
  3. The result of any service we develop can only improve based on feedback.

Explore the Digital Readiness Assessment

An assessment to evaluate the current state of the organisational digital readiness along seven critical dimensions.

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