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People: If You Do Not Listen, Guide, and Train, People Create Their Own Strategy

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Experience with T-Shape and Second Pillar Approach

I started my first professional role in IT support in a global corporation. I learned firsthand the importance of listening to, guiding, and training people to create and execute successful strategies. When I started working in IT, I assumed I was more intelligent than our users and focused solely on technical skills. However, through working with customers and learning about frameworks, philosophies, and methodologies like ITIL, DevOps, and Scrum, my team and I realized that valuable service is about understanding the customer’s perspective and perception of value. The focus should be on practical knowledge sharing.

We implemented this approach as we transformed our delivery model from an in-house IT department to a shared services center (SSC) and saw great success. I learned the value of the “T-Shape” approach, where individuals have a strong foundation in their field and a broad understanding of related areas. I also learned the significance of the “second pillars,” your people backups who can step in if the primary subject/ service matter experts(SME) or most qualified team members are unavailable.

By continually learning and adapting, our team could effectively support the growth of the business and deliver value to our customers. This experience served as a reminder of what matters in the creation and execution of a successful growth and transformation strategy. It is crucial to listen to and engage with people, provide guidance and training, and continuously learn and adapt. Organizations can effectively support growth and deliver value to their customers by prioritizing these efforts.

Please don’t make the same mistake I did; always put the customer first and strive for continuous improvement. Your customers and business will thank you!

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