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How Cegeka Drives Digital Transformation

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Technology is developing a lot faster than in the past, so we need to find ways to accelerate the ways we learn to deal with it.

Yoram Meijer – Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka Consulting


Cegeka is one of Europe’s largest IT service providers, offering a broad portfolio of digital business platforms, and consulting services. They have deep-rooted family values and a forward-thinking mindset; always believing in the power of working in close cooperation.

The Challenge

Bridging the Gap Between Expertise and Digital Transformation Trends

Organizations are constantly trying to stay relevant and competitive. Yoram Meijer, Digital Strategy Advisor, explains that Cegeka was exploring its options and asking,

What do we need to change to actually keep delivering the value that our customers are used to getting from us and keep improving on what we’re doing?

With a vision to remain relevant and drive digital transformation, Jan van den Brink (Lead Agile & DevOps Consultant, Cegeka) highlights that,

We were looking for possibilities to develop our consultants and also our product portfolio in a way that we could help our customers in their Agile journeys, in their DevOps journeys, and advise them accordingly.

The Cegeka team understood the importance of bridging the gap between their expertise and digital transformation trends. The challenge was to find a solution that would effectively guide this transition and make DevOps second nature to everyone on the team.

The Solution

Discovering a Transformative Partner in DASA

Cegeka’s main goal was to enhance their consultancy services by adopting the latest DevOps methodology.

I really think this was a step we had to take to stay competitive.

Jan van den Brink – Lead Agile & DevOps Consultant, Cegeka Consulting

They found their answer in the DASA DevOps Fundamentals certification program. DASA stood out because of the community-driven approach. DASA DevOps Fundamentals served as the cornerstone of Cegeka’s transformation journey.
Key team members gained a deeper understanding of DevOps principles and practices through the DASA DevOps Fundamentals course. The training isn’t just about the tools and techniques; it’s about inculcating a culture of collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement.

Cegeka’s transformation extended beyond enhancing their consulting services. They realized the importance of integrating DevOps principles into their own managed services operations.

We basically took all the DASA materials and theory and principles, and we decided if we want to help customers, we need to understand what we’re doing. So we took on being a member and we used it ourselves to actually understand what it does.

Yoram Meijer – Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka Consulting

The step-by-step approach adopted by Cegeka played a crucial role in their successful transition to becoming DASA’s ATP and, later, the member.

Complementing the intensive training is the DevOps Introduction & Awareness Workshop. Tailored for leaders with time constraints, this workshop helps to cement the importance of DevOps, ensuring company-wide alignment.

There’s a larger awareness now within our management and the leadership that we can add substantial value to the whole organization with this way of working.

Jan van den Brink – Lead Agile & DevOps Consultant, Cegeka Consulting

The Results

Harnessing the Power of DASA’s Talent Portfolio

With growth, we’ve seen that scaling an organization actually brings a lot of new challenges.

Yoram Meijer – Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka Consulting

The internal adoption of DevOps methodologies and principles helps Cegeka to scale their operations. The approach not only fosters a culture of continuous learning within the organization but also empowers Cegeka to develop a portfolio of value propositions based on DevOps.

By partnering with DASA and immersing themselves in its methodologies, Cegeka is able to enhance their ability to deliver value and provide comprehensive solutions that are aligned with their clients’ agile and digital transformation goals.

I think it’s just one of the member benefits that you actually have toolkits to do awareness workshops to trigger people and to find out what actually is hurting in their organization that we can help to address.

Jan van den Brink – Lead Agile & DevOps Consultant, Cegeka Consulting

The Benefit

Beyond Just Technical Advancements

Being a DASA member, the benefits go beyond mere technical knowledge. DASA’s emphasis on the people, process, and cultural aspects of DevOps complements Cegeka Consulting’s holistic approach to digital transformation.

Building good technical solutions is one thing, but getting people to adopt them in their day to day work is the real challenge.

Yoram Meijer – Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka Consulting

Cegeka remains at the forefront of their market by aligning with DASA’s vision, leveraging its community, talent and guidance solutions, and access to the latest knowledge and best practices. Their consultants are able to guide clients through successful digital journeys, addressing not just the technical aspects, but also the vital human and cultural elements.


Pioneering the Future of DevOps Together

We use the tools of the community, and the best practices of the community to leverage success together and to grow with other people. It’s a continuous process of feedback and learning, which we use to help our customers, that helps us as a business and it helps every member in return.

Yoram Meijer – Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka Consulting

Cegeka’s story with DASA is one of mutual growth and transformation. Through close cooperation with DASA, Cegeka is crafting a future where its team is empowered, its services are unparalleled, and its clients are always at the forefront of technological advancements.
For organizations contemplating a similar journey, Cegeka’s experience stands as a testament to the transformative power of DASA’s approach to DevOps. The comprehensive portfolio, backed by a global community, not only equips teams with the necessary skills but also inspires a mindset of growth and excellence.

We want to keep growing and we believe in growing together with our partners.

Yoram Meijer – Digital Strategy Advisor, Cegeka Consulting

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