How Capgemini Academy Leverage The Power Of Partnership With Dasa For Devops Excellence

Cultivating Expertise: How Capgemini Academy Leverages the Power of Partnership with DASA for DevOps Excellence

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I think where DASA distinguishes itself is that they have this large body of knowledge and a willingness to share it.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy


Capgemini Academy is the learning and development authority within the Capgemini Group, the market leader in IT with more than 300.000 employees worldwide. Over 45 years, Capgemini Academy has analyzed and designed the digital, personal, and leadership skills required for successful digital transformations.

Their online, onsite courses, and custom-designed learning journeys are provided by learning and development professionals that not only excel in didactics, but more importantly, are IT professionals themselves, allowing them to seamlessly connect theory and reality. This is how they fully unleash the potential of their clients.

The Challenge

The Need for a Comprehensive DevOps Certification Program

To meet the evolving demands of the digital transformation trend and the DevOps movement, Capgemini Academy faced a challenge with their existing DevOps training program.

I think it’s still a growth market.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy

While they initially developed a half-day DevOps Awareness course, the increasing growth and complexity of DevOps necessitated a more comprehensive training program. However, developing such a program in-house would have entailed significant time and financial investments.

We have seen that, when there is a certification exam connected to a training course, learners are more able and willing to take that course.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy

To meet this demand efficiently and cost-effectively, they sought a strategic partnership that would offer ready-made training and certification programs.

The Solution

Partnering with DASA for Ready-Made Training and Certification

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive DevOps certification program, Capgemini Academy formed a partnership with DASA. By leveraging DASA’s expertise in DevOps training, Capgemini Academy gained access to well-developed course content and certification opportunities.

What I like about DASA is that they support us as trainers.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy

Besides the course content, DASA also provides ongoing support to trainers. DASA also offers trainers the opportunity to recertify whenever a new version of a course is released—allowing them to stay up-to-date and relevant in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

This collaborative approach highlights the shared commitment to delivering high-quality learning experiences.

The Results

DASA is now more well known, and that’s led also to more participants in our training courses.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy

Capgemini Academy and DASA have formed a strategic partnership to provide comprehensive DevOps training and certification programs.

People are drawn to the external certification offered by DASA. Additionally, the ability to offer industry-recognized certification has enhanced Capgemini’s appeal as an employer. As De Beijer explained, many individuals consider internal training opportunities a significant factor when choosing an employer.

Furthermore, DASA’s commitment to regularly updating course materials ensures that the training remains relevant and current. De Beijer highlighted this aspect, noting that DASA has been proactive in evolving their course materials in line with the constant evolution of DevOps, including the emergence of new technologies and ways of working.

DASA is constantly improving because DevOps itself is constantly evolving.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy

Key Benefits

A strengthened position in the marketplace

Every organization can benefit from the DevOps concept, the DevOps culture, and the DevOps way of working.

Pieter De Beijer –  Professional Agile Trainer, Capgemini Academy

The key benefits that have emerged from the partnership between Capgemini Academy and DASA.

  1. Alignment with Evolving Industry Trends: By leveraging the expertise and resources provided by DASA, Capgemini Academy continues to excel in equipping professionals with the skills needed for successful digital transformations.
  2. Strengthened Partnership and Employee Retention: By investing in the skills and development of their employees, Capgemini Academy enables organizations to attract new talent and improve employee retention rates, mitigating the costs associated with high turnover.
  3. Staying ahead of the curve: By adapting to new technologies and work methodologies, Capgemini Academy ensures that their training remains relevant and in-demand. Reselling the certified DASA DevOps training course, Capgemini Academy are able to attract new clients and therefore increase their revenue.

Through their partnership with DASA, Capgemini Academy has successfully implemented DASA’s DevOps certification programs. Capgemini Academy’s commitment to staying current and adopting a culture of innovation and growth helps them to sustain their position as industry leaders.

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