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Challenges with Traditional Ways of Working


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In many organizations, IT continues to be a roadblocker instead of a business enabler. The key challenges faced by organizations are manual releases, low-quality products, sporadic releases, product backlog, and others, resulting in cost escalation.

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Challenges With Traditional Ways

Low Quality: The production of subpar products or services due to a lack of quality control, often leading to customer dissatisfaction and damage to the company’s reputation.

Product Backlog: The accumulation of uncompleted work or product features, causing delays in product releases and leading to missed market opportunities.

Manual Releases: Relying heavily on manual processes to release updates or new products, which often results in slower delivery times and increased risk of human error.

Low Creativity: A culture or environment that does not encourage innovation, leading to a lack of new, creative solutions and potentially stifling the company’s growth and adaptability.

Communication Problems: Breakdowns in communication between teams or individuals, causing misunderstandings, delays, and mistakes that can negatively impact the workflow.

Sporadic Releases: Inconsistent or unpredictable release schedules that can disrupt business planning, lead to poor user experiences, and erode customer trust.

Less Happiness: Low morale or job satisfaction among employees, often leading to lower productivity, higher turnover rates, and a less positive work environment.

High Cost: Excessive expenditure, often resulting from inefficient processes or practices, that can negatively impact a company’s profitability.

Wall of Confusion: The misalignment or lack of understanding between the Development andOperations teams in an organization often lead to slower delivery times, lower quality products, and overall inefficiencies

Every organization is in a different situation and has their own set of challenges. It becomes imperative for the organization to find a solution to these challenges to survive in an extremely competitive and dynamic environment.

Many organizations face challenges that turn IT from a business enabler into a roadblock, resulting in low-quality products, product backlogs, manual releases, low creativity, communication problems, sporadic releases, less happiness, high costs, and a wall of confusion between teams.

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