Transformation Partners

Maximizing Potential

DASA partnership offers financial flexibility, expert-led transformation workshops, comprehensive skill enhancement resources, leadership community access, and expanded business opportunities through collaborative initiatives.

Partner Wallet

Receive a pre-loaded wallet to invest in DASA’s resources and benefit from the flexibility this provides.

DASA Onboarding Workshop

DASA experts conduct a 2-hour workshop to maximize partners’ benefits from the portfolio.

Talent Transformation

Unlimited access to free and paid training courses, certification programs, guidance products, webinars and more to enhance your team’s and client’s skills and providing you additional revenue opportunities.

Leadership Development

Gain full access to DASA Leadership communities, focusing on DevOps transformation leadership and coaching. Connect and Learn from other practitioners on driving successful transformations.

Transformation Guidance

Access transformation guidance products, exclusive product launch sessions, and expert forums for innovative DevOps practices and thought leadership.

Guidance Products

Access DASA’s range of transformation guidance products, including workshops, assessment tools, and expert-led guidance materials like webinars and videos.

Product Launch Sessions

Get exclusive invitations to be the first to learn and implement new methodologies from industry experts at DASA’s product launch sessions.

Expert Forums

Join expert forums to engage with industry peers, creating thought leadership and learning from others’ success stories in DevOps practices and client engagements.


DASA Industry Awards

Partners get the opportunity to participate in the coveted DASA Industry Awards across multiple categories including nominations in exclusive Member/Partner Award Categories.


DASA Ambassadors

Partners can appoint DASA Ambassadors to champion DevOps and Agile practices. Ambassadors play a vital role in sharing best practices, and facilitating knowledge exchange within the community.


Opportunities & Lead Sharing

With DASA co-branding, website listing, social media, and access to DASA marketing-in-a-box collateral, partners get support required for generating new business opportunities.


Highlighting Your Thought Leadership

Become a Thought Leader: Get listed on DASA’s website as a certified facilitator, instructor, or coach, and gain keynote speaking opportunities at events.

Unlock New Business Opportunities and Expand Your Market Reach

Transformation Partnership packages are designed to propel your clients toward becoming high-performance digital organisations. Leverage DASA’s expertise in talent transformation, leadership development, and strategic guidance to enhance your and your client’s DevOps transformation journey.

Transformation Partner Network

Find a Partner

Use the Partner Finder to find the right transformation partner for your DevOps journey.


Partner Type

  • ALTEN Nederland

    Training Provider, Transformation Partner

  • Brunel Nederland B.V.

    Transformation Partner

  • Cegeka Netherlands

    Training Provider, Transformation Partner

  • CGI

    Training Provider, Transformation Partner

  • CTG Belgium

    Transformation Partner

  • Future Processing

    Transformation Partner

  • Ordina Nederland

    Training Provider, Transformation Partner

  • Synergy

    Transformation Partner

  • Thirdera

    Transformation Partner

  • Visma Solutions

    Transformation Partner


“Our partnership with DASA enables our professionals and experts to provide better insights and thought leadership. This collaboration aids in driving digital transformation at pace and scale within a dynamic market for our clients.”

Gopal Chhetri

Senior Vice President at CGI