Enterprise Leadership Forum

The ELF is a global movement, designed for senior technology leaders. The ELF focuses on achieving business agility, value maximization, and streamlined flow. This forum is for those committed to excellence in developing, deploying, and delivering innovative products and services.

Empowering DevOps Excellence

Peer-Led Discussions and Networking

This forum aims for knowledge sharing and collaboration at a senior level, facilitating organizational leaders to support and learn from each other’s successes, challenges, and mistakes, and promoting the generation of shared value among DevOps thought leaders.


Engage with fellow digital leaders who are navigating similar challenges. Join a vibrant community dedicated to mutual learning through events, conferences, and social platforms.


Discuss the hurdles encountered in your IT transformation journey. Share your moments of revelation and offer guidance to others, drawing from your own experiences.


Discover new perspectives in the changing IT landscape. Learn from those who have pioneered the shift from traditional to agile IT, focusing on developing a high-performance digital organizations.

Empowering DevOps Excellence

How to Apply

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ELF Conferences

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“DASA instilled in me just how critical it is to have the correct culture in place at the start of the transformation.”

John Ruppel

The Catalyst Group