Awards 2024

An annual celebration that honors the exceptional contributions of DevOps organizations, teams, and professionals to the field of DevOps.

Exceptional Achievements

Recognizing Excellence in DevOps

The Awards allow for the industry to recognize and celebrate the astonishing accomplishments that the nominees have contributed to DevOps over the previous 12 months. By showcasing and honoring DevOps accomplishments, the DASA DevOps Awards hope to inspire upcoming generations of DevOps experts.

Professional Level

DASA DevOps Awards Categories

DASA aims to honor and praise organizations, service providers, and individuals who achieved distinguishable success in adopting and implementing DevOps practices. The Awards Categories have four focuses that are closely related to the DevOps philosophy: transformation, leadership, business value, and community.

DevOps Transformation Team

  • Scope: This award honors a team which is outstanding in its capability to work harmoniously, deliver high quality result, change continuously and be adaptable to the environment. 
  • Justification: Success with leading a digital transformation project; nominate and endorse evaluations; quality of nomination; evidence of critical situations that the team overcame.

DevOps Cultural Transformation

  • Scope: This award honors a strong DevOps culture that has assisted the organization in achieving DevOps success, and created a workplace environment that breaks down silos.
  • Justification: Challenges faced before the cultural transformation; metrics used to measure success; value the culture has provided; nominate and endorse evaluations; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination; Proof of innovative thinking during critical moments; Breaking down cultural barriers; Proof of efficient collaboration, transparency and sharing of responsibilities.

Inspiring DevOps Leader

  • Scope: This award honors an individual’s (manager, director, or executive director) exemplary DevOps leadership abilities, such as the ability to lead and guide, develop staff talents, and successfully manage an effective DevOps transformation that advances the organization.
  • Justification: Impact of accomplishments on corporate objectives; proof of inspirational leadership and notable contributions; nominator and endorser evaluations; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination.

Outstanding DevOps Coach

  • Scope: This award honors an individual’s exemplary DevOps coaching abilities, such as the ability to inspire teams and individuals with thought-provoking and creative processes, who drives performance, and is a catalyst for change.
  • Justification: Success with adopting DevOps principles or overcoming challenges; ability to influence without authority; nominator and endorser evaluations; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination; Expert in various coaching models and instruments.

DevOps Sustainability & Impact

  • Scope: This award acknowledges an organization’s exceptional commitment to incorporating sustainability within the organization or within the DevOps practices by proficiently utilizing their understanding, innovation, and resources to generate long-lasting and measurable environmental and societal benefits.
  • Justification: Success in integrating sustainability within DevOps and organizational structures; fostering internal and external sustainable initiatives; achieving measurable benefits organizationally, environmentally, and societally; evaluative feedback from nominators and endorsers.

DevOps Business Value

  • Scope: This award honors an organization’s success in implementing DevOps to improve business outcomes and demonstrating how DevOps has delivered actual commercial value to the organization.
  • Justification: Challenges faced before adopting DevOps; principles used throughout the project; metrics used to measure success; value that DevOps has provided; nominator and endorser evaluations; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination.

Outstanding DevOps Training Provider

  • Scope: This award honors an educational institute that is regarded highly by instructors and delegates alike, achieved outstanding learning results, and strives to offer exceptional learning solutions. 
  • Justification: Innovative approach to learning concepts; inspirational delegate leadership and/or mentoring; nominator and endorser evaluations; delegate and instructor satisfaction; evidence of core achievements contributed to the DevOps learning solution; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination.

DevOps Service Provider

  • Scope: This award honors a service provider’s success in delivering outstanding services that support/consolidate DevOps practices.
  • Justification: Successful collaboration between with adopting DevOps principles or overcoming challenges; ability to influence without authority; nominator and endorser evaluations; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination.

DevOps Community Member

  • Scope: This award honors an individual’s outstanding work towards raising awareness about the importance of the DevOps practice by fruitfully leveraging her/his knowledge, expertise and network. 
  • Justification: Success with proactively advocating for DevOps and Agile initiatives; contributing towards consolidation of the DevOps Community; nominator and endorser evaluations; quality of nomination.

Exemplary DevOps Instructor

  • Scope: This award honors an individual’s exemplary teaching abilities, such as the ability to inspire, provoke out of the box thinking, develop talent, and successfully conduct DevOps training courses that advances the learner’s comprehension of the subject at hand.
  • Justification: Impact of accomplishments on learning objectives; proof of inspirational training and notable contribution to learning outcomes; nominator and endorser evaluations; timeliness of recognition; and quality of the nomination.

Celebrating Success

Key Dates

Ensure DevOps professionals and teams are recognized. Submit your nominations to honor outstanding individuals and teams.

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15 March 2024

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1 May 2024

DASA DevOps Awards Summit

30-31 May 2024

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  • Show the world your achievement: Ensure that you are highly perceived within your industry.
  • Collect valuable feedback: Get evaluated by an illustrious international panel of judges.
  • Networking: Make fruitful connections with successful individuals within your industry.
  • Healthy competition: Learn from your peers and analyze where you and your business stand.
  • Motivation: Recognize the challenging work and achievements of you and your team.
  • Recognition: Make sure that your efforts and achievements are appreciated.
  • Marketing: Improve your brand awareness, and increase your credibility.

2024 Awards Jury Panel

Iris Otano

Highlighting Excellence

DASA DevOps Awards Winners 2023

DevOps Transformation Awards

DevOps Transformation Team


Accenture’s team is recognized for their extraordinary effort in driving successful DevOps transformations. Through their strategic approach, deep technical knowledge, and unwavering commitment, they have helped multiple organizations implement DevOps and achieve significant improvements in productivity, reliability, and speed of delivery. Their teamwork and dedication are a testament to what is achievable through the application of DevOps principles.

DevOps Talent Transformation

Central Ailos Cooperative

CAC wins this award for their exceptional efforts in talent transformation towards DevOps. They overcame multiple challenges to build a supportive culture that empowered their workforce to embrace DevOps practices. Their commitment to developing their talent pool has resulted in remarkable improvements in their operational efficiency and service delivery.

DevOps Cultural Transformation

Vodafone Intelligent Solutions

Vodafone was chosen for this award due to their remarkable achievement in driving cultural transformation in line with DevOps. They have successfully created an organizational culture that encourages collaboration, learning, and continuous improvement, leading to improved operational performance. Their holistic approach to DevOps, which includes both technological and cultural transformation, sets a leading example for other organizations.

Exemplary Leadership Awards

Inspirational DevOps Leadership Team


Toyota’s leadership team wins this award for their inspiring leadership in their organization’s DevOps journey. They created a culture that embraces change, fosters collaboration, and encourages continuous learning. Their commitment to driving the organization’s digital transformation through DevOps made them an inspirational example for other companies.

Inspiring DevOps Leader

Gary Tamber

Gary is chosen for this award due to his inspiring leadership in promoting and implementing DevOps. His visionary approach, effective communication skills, and ability to foster a culture of continuous improvement have significantly enhanced his organization’s DevOps practices. His leadership style embodies the spirit of DevOps, making him an inspiration for other leaders.

Outstanding DevOps Coach

Jeroen Schuitema

Jeroen is awarded for his exceptional work as a DevOps coach. His expertise, dedication to his clients’ success, and unique approach to problem-solving have helped several organizations successfully navigate their DevOps transformations. His ability to build strong relationships and empower teams sets him apart as a coach.

Business Impact Awards

DevOps Business Value


CGI is selected for this award because they showcased exceptional skill in translating DevOps principles and practices into tangible business value. Through their innovative approach to DevOps, they significantly improved time-to-market, software quality, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency for their clients. Their dedicated effort to align IT operations with business objectives stood out among the competitors.

DevOps Learning Solution Excellence


Ordina is honored with this award because of their exemplary contribution to DevOps learning solutions. They developed comprehensive, intuitive, and scalable solutions that are designed to effectively equip individuals and teams with DevOps knowledge and skills. Their continued commitment to enrich the DevOps community with high-quality educational resources set them apart.

Partnership for DevOps Project


ALTEN demonstrated a strong commitment to shared goals, flexibility in accommodating different perspectives, and a high level of cooperation, which led to the successful completion of the project. Their joint efforts led to significant advancements in the project’s key metrics, showing the power of partnership in DevOps.

Outstanding DevOps Training Provider


GK/Skillsoft wins this award due to their superior DevOps training programs. They provide a wide array of courses catering to various experience levels, from beginner to expert, with a unique blend of theoretical and practical training. Their comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and commitment to updated content truly set them apart.

DevOps Community Awards

DevOps Service Provider


CGI is chosen for this award because of their outstanding performance as a DevOps service provider. They provided reliable, scalable, and efficient DevOps services that significantly improved their clients’ software delivery processes. Their emphasis on customer-centric solutions and continuous improvement was highly appreciated.

DevOps Community Member

Ayelet Sachto

Ayelet receives this award for her exceptional contributions to the DevOps community. Her thought leadership, active participation in community discussions, and commitment to sharing knowledge and best practices have greatly enriched the community. She embodies the spirit of collaboration and learning that characterizes DevOps.

Exemplary DevOps Instructor

Kari Kakkonen

Kari is recognized as an exemplary DevOps instructor due to his excellent teaching skills, deep knowledge of DevOps practices, and ability to inspire students. His engaging teaching methods, real-world examples, and dedication to student success make him a role model for DevOps educators.