DASA Ambassadors are key stakeholders within the global community. Ambassadors leverage their knowledge and expertise in raising awareness of the importance of the DevOps practices both online and in local markets via thought leadership actions.

Empowering DevOps Excellence

The Role of DASA Ambassadors

DASA Ambassadors help define the execution of DASA’s vision via active participation in several activities within the DASA ecosystem.

2024 Ambassadors

Abhi Singh

Tamae Kawakami

Empowering DevOps Excellence

How to Apply

DASA Ambassadors need to adhere to a number of specific requirements.

“The Team Competence Model has made a huge difference for me. That’s why I became a DASA Ambassador in the early days and I am proud to be part of a team that has grown a real and applied DevOps approach.

Stephan Brendel

Region Manager EMEA at APMG-International